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  We are not accepting new clients at this time. Check back in 2023


Organic, Non-Toxic Hair Care

Wellspring Salon offers the most comprehensive line of organic hair products, and the lowest toxicity color line available, in a private, peaceful environment. 

We work strictly by appointment, one client at a time per stylist. No packed waiting room, no hurried services, no lack of privacy. 

We guarantee our work and our products. 


It's About What YOU Want

We believe that your hair should be healthy at all times, and that your haircut and color should reflect your personality, as well as fit your frame. Your hair should be comfortable, beautiful, and look natural on you. 


We offer a full range of services with consideration, love and backed by  great education.


All we want is for YOU to be happy with your hair. That's what we are here for.        

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Organic and Aromatic

Our color line, and most of our retail line, is a remarkable, organic, high-quality Italian professional product.   Oway's shampoos, conditioners and styling products are beautifully scented, with absolutely no synthetic or harmful fragrances. We also use and retail Australia's O&M line, a wonderfully clean and efficient line, and REF a line from Sweden.

All our retail is guaranteed to do what it says it will. You will never be stuck with a product you cannot use if you buy it from us! 

We also  carry all-natural body products from Herban Roots' line. Beautiful soaps, fizzy and fragrant bath balms, their great deodorant, bug repellant and their amazing facial system. 


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